Descriptions of Different Types of Heart Conditions

As any parent of a heart-child will tell you, it is always very confusing and baffling trying to understand the nature of their child’s heart defect. How does it differ from a real heart? How does that impact on their circulation? Easy to understand diagrams can go a long way to help parents become experts on the anatomy of their child’s heart quite quickly, and we have found that the ones contained in the Children’s Heart Federation website are really good, including some animations showing the blood flow through the heart.

Click here for a direct link to descriptions of the majority of the most commonly occurring heart defects.

Study into the Genetic Origins of Congenital Heart Disease

A study is currently being carried out by Oxford University into the genetic origins of Congenital Heart Disease. Any conclusive findings could, obviously, have a dramatic effect on future strategies for lowering the incidences of CHD and could have far-reaching implications for the health of babies and children. 3000 families are being sought to take part in the study.

If you would like to read more about this study, or would be interesting in participating, please download Genetic Origins of Congenital Heart Disease Study as a Microsoft Word file or visit the website: