Medical care plan for schools and nurseries

Sending your any child off to nursery or school for the first time is a daunting prospect, but never more so than for parents of a heart-child. How much information should you give about your child’s heart condition? What should the school or nursery do if they have any concerns? Who should they contact as first port of call in an emergency? Clearly, a comprehensive and easy to read summary is always the best option for conveying the necessary information and ECHO has developed a template “Medical Care Plan” to make available to parents, so that they can add all the relevant information about their child and hand it to the school or nursery. Using this form will give the parents of children of all ages, not just babies, peace of mind that all the appropriate details have been covered, and will also be of huge benefit to the school itself who will be able to take copies of it and keep it in staff rooms, offices and medical rooms. The Outreach nurses and Cardiologists at the Evelina have seen and approved the document for use by patients’ families, and it is now available to download here, along with an example of a dummy completed form to use as a guide. It is obviously vital that this information is medically accurate, so please refer to information from the hospital or correspondence from your child’s Cardiologist (such as the latest copy of a clinic letter or ward discharge summary) for accurate details of his/her actual heart condition, treatment received and if, if appropriate, any medications prescribed. If you need help with compiling any of this information please contact the Outreach team. If you have any general queries on the Medical Care Plan, please do not hesitate to contact us on